Monday, September 14, 2009

Day 955 -- Mina Lake Recreation Area

I picked campsite number 20 at the Mina Lake Recreation Area, since the marathon is on the 20th. It looks very comfy.

I did not have a good run this morning. Not nearly as good as you would like six days before the marathon. I just didn't have it, even after taking two days off. I think my main problem is lack of sleep. I was up until after midnight on Saturday, because we went to see a Henry V at the American Players Theatre. It was an excellent show (of course), but midnight is way too late for me. Then last night, I was up until close to 11, because the Packers had the Sunday Night game. At least they won. I'm glad that I didn't stay up that late for a loss. Anyway, I need to get caught up on my sleep by Sunday.

By the way, the Fox Cities Marathon is offering tracking. If you want e-mail or text updates of my progress, go to and enter my bib number, 177.