Friday, September 18, 2009

Days 956 and 957 -- Aberdeen

It has been a crazy week. And it's only the third week of the semester. It will just get crazier from here.

Monday was the organizational meeting for the Children's Choir. This will be the littlest Little Jogger's second year in the Children's Choir. Tuesday was Cub Scouts. The neighbor took the LLJ over, since I was up on a ladder, painting the part of the house where the gutters are supposed to be. Wednesday was a nasty day at work. I basically worked steadily from 8 to 6. And Wednesday is the day where I have no classes! Not much in the evening, with just a half hour piano lesson for the LLJ. Thursday, I gave an evening exam in Calculus, so I was at work from 7 am to 9 pm. Also, the first Little Jogger had to go work at the concession stand for the volleyball game. All this with one vehicle, since we loaned the car to our friends who broke an axle on their van.

So tonight, I'm tired. And I need to get to bed early, since I have a little race on Sunday morning.

I will be going up to Appleton alone. Mrs. J was going to come up with me, but we just couldn't get ourselves organized. She has started a new job, as the receptionist at our church, so she hasn't been home as much, and she's feeling a little stressed by her new schedule. I'm sorry that I won't have any support there with me, but I'm glad that she's not going to have to deal with the stress of the travel.

I'll bring my grading with me. I have the Calc exam (currently about half graded), a Calc worksheet, and a paper from Stats. And a lonely hotel room in which to grade them.

I'm lucky to have a hotel room. Some time after I got my hotel, they announced the fall NFL schedule, and this Sunday is a home game for the Packers. So hotels in Appleton will be at a premium. I suppose I could make some money renting out the second bed, if I didn't mind sleeping with some drunken Bengals fan.

I'm excited. And nervous. I dreamt about the marathon last night. I didn't dream about the finish, so I don't know how I did. We'll just have to find out on Sunday.