Friday, September 04, 2009

Day 948 -- Bowdle

Well, this is a first for JogAmericaBlog. I couldn't figure out any reasonable way to put myself into this boat with these two fisherman, so I simply took over the body of one of them. They caught this fish while staying at the Bird Down Lodge in Bowdle, SD.

As I type, it's early morning on Friday, September 4. Day 948 was actually yesterday. I ran a steady three miles before my 8 am class. This morning, I got up early, but I really felt like physically I needed a day off. So I blog.

I think the adrenalin rush of the early semester has worn off, and now I'm looking at all the stuff that I'm committed to and thinking, "Oh, shit." It will definitely be a busy semester. But I think it will be a fun one. In any case, I get another three day weekend this week, and I intend to enjoy it. As soon as I make it through Friday.