Sunday, January 03, 2010

Day 1033 -- Fountain

Back in 2003, Tim, Laura, Annamarie and Matt took a driving trip to Laura's house, and it went somewhere near Fountain, where Tim snapped this photo. I'm sure if you care to dig around, you can figure out who those people are, and where they were coming from, and where Laura lives.

A cold snap has snapped down over the upper Midwest. This afternoon, it has gotten all the way up to about 10 degrees Fahrenheit, and that's the warmest it's been in several days. I imagine the frigid temps cover Fountain, as well. Old Man Winter has even reared his ugly head in Becky Hirta's home.

Today, I didn't feel much like running. A good, brisk nap was more my speed. But a runner runs, and that's what I did. Thirteen miles, which will be my last run of that length before the Instep Icebreaker Indoor Half Marathon at the end of the month.