Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 1043 -- Waukon

From RoadTripAmerica, Paula the Cow, in Waukon, Iowa. Paula seems to be an e-Cow. From their web site:
eCow Products was founded in 2005 as a marriage between technological advances in nutrition and simple, practical solutions to some of the problems that face animal agriculture today. Put simply we have an eye on the future while at the same time we know where we’ve come from. Our technology and products have a long history but our company name is relatively new in the marketplace. We invite you to look at our site to learn more about us, our products and what we do.

I've read that twice, and I don't know what it's saying, other than "we're a new company with a lot of experienced people."

I ran seven miles this morning. I managed a hot pace for the first half, but I had to slow down for the last half. It was a good run, overall.


John Romeo Alpha said...

Let me assist, I have a Masters Degree in Technology. I studied the site, and I believe they sell a machine which feeds cows over the internet, using their new "Bessy Tweet to Eat" technology. There's also a product for e-cleanup of barns that rhymes with "twitter", but since I know this is a family-oriented blog I'll do the needful.