Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 1050 -- Wisconsin

This blog is "psuedo-anonymous". Some of my readers know who I am, because they know me in real life. For the rest, it's not hard to find out, because I've dropped enough clues. However, I don't use my real name, and I don't use things like the name of the town where I live, or the name of my university. Mostly, I don't want the blog to show up on a Google search by any of my students, or for that matter, fellow faculty.

For the next couple of weeks, I'm running in the county where I live. So I arbitrarily decided that while I'm in this county, I'm not going to use the name of any towns or recognizable features. Of course, you can figure out the town by following the link. For that matter, in this particular shot, you just need to look closely at the water tower.

Today was my first official day of training for the Madison Marathon. And I almost missed it. I neglected to set my alarm, and didn't wake up until Mrs. Jogger's alarm went off, which was way too late for me to run and still feel comfortable about getting to school before my class. However, I don't have a 1:00 class on Tuesday, so I slipped over to the gym and got in an easy 5 miles, just like the schedule says I should. The indoor track is open again, so that's two days in a row (well, two running days in a row) where I've actually run, rather than flapping my arms on the treaded dreadmill.

If you are interested in pictures of the InStep Icebreaker Half Marathon, head on over to RunningintheUSA. There doesn't seem to be any way to sort them, but I'm kind of hard to miss. Look for the polka dot tights. If you want to see Sylvia, she is number 1368, in a gray top and black tights.