Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 1038 -- Welcome to Iowa

This is my second venture into Iowa. Back in 2006, I ran up from the south, ran as far as Grandma Jogger's home town, then cut back south into Missouri. This time, I'll be cutting through the northeast corner.

I picked up this welcome sign from the Keepin up with the Melfis blog. They drove through from Illinois in October, 2008, so this is definitely not on Highway 52 from Minnesota. But it will do. I feel welcome.

I did nine miles on the dreadmill this afternoon. It was an okay run. I'm pleasantly tired.

On the other hand, I'm unpleasantly distressed by the Packers performance in the playoffs. At the end of the first quarter, they are down 17-0. I hope they can settle down and make a game of it.


John Romeo Alpha said...

I am pleasantly undistressed by the outcome of the game. Got to love those offensive battle playoff games. Welcome to Kurt Warner's home state!