Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Day 202 -- Monmouth College

Just down the road from Galesburg is Monmouth, Illinois, the home of Monmouth College. I applied here, once, too. That's not quite as big a coincidence as it seems. I've been on the job market several times, and each time I concentrated on small schools in the midwest. So there are quite a few such schools around that I applied to. With Monmouth, I never even got a phone interview, even though, in my opinion, I was the perfect candidate for them. Having been on the other side of the job search now, I can see what a crap shoot it really is. Especially back in the mid-'90's, when there were a lot of applicants for relatively few jobs. It's really easy for little intangibles to add up to a big difference. In any case, that's not where I ended up. Their loss.

Wednesday is my day for running hills. I made the hill five times today. I run relatively fast up the hill, then jog down, then run up again. It's a good workout.