Thursday, November 16, 2006

Day 222 -- Back to Work

I noticed that it was Day 222, and I decided to do a little tribute to Room 222, a show which I am definitely not old enough to remember. Then I realized that only a few days ago I was posing with Radar O'Reilly. Maybe the theme of this blog will switch from posing in front of various landmarks as I move across to the country to posing with various old TV characters. Next week: Gunsmoke.

I did run the two miles that I promised myself today. I decided also that I was going to hold my speed down, so that I was running neither far nor fast. Then I got out on the track and determined that it wasn't going to take any special effort to keep my speed down. If I was moving any slower, I'd have been going backwards. That's OK, though. Tomorrow, I'll go a little farther and a little faster, and pretty soon I'll be back to "normal."