Sunday, November 22, 2009

Day 1003 -- The College of St. Benedict

The College of St. Benedict is the sister school to St. John's. They are actually pretty much joint programs. All classes at both colleges are open to students from either. When I was there, most people in the math department taught on both campuses, as least occasionally. Most of my classes were at St. John's, but some were at St. Ben's.

The seven or eight miles between the campuses present a logistical problem: ten minutes between classes ain't gonna do it. They have (or at least they used to have) seventy-minute periods with thirty minutes passing time. Since they can't get that many classes into a day, they have a six-day schedule. Monday would be a Day 1, then Tuesday would be a Day 2, Wednesday a Day 3, and so on until the next Monday would be a Day 6. Then Tuesday would be the next Day 1. Most classes met on either even or odd days, but some labs and stuff would meet only one or two days of the cycle. It was easy enough to get used to, but it did make it kind of a challenge to schedule doctor's appointments. "Are you free in the afternoon on Tuesdays?" "Well, it depends...."

This is the Bendicta Arts Center on the St. Ben's campus. I'm pretty sure that it was there when I was, but apparently it has been rehabbed. It won some sort of Design award from an organization with the initials AIA. I fished around on their web site, and I was unable to determine what AIA stands for, although one of the A's is clearly "Architecture" or "Architects".

I ran five and a half miles this morning. It was a bit warmer than yesterday, but a bit breezier. I have no grounds to complain, considering that we are this far into November, and haven't had any really bad weather, yet. I have only had to run indoors a couple of days.