Monday, November 02, 2009

Day 988 -- Pomme de Terre Lake

I couldn't resist a stop at Pomme de Terre Lake. Mostly, that's because I love the French words "Pomme de Terre." Literally, they mean "apple of the earth." This is what the French call a potato. Cool.

To clarify, Pomme de Terre Lake is a lake. Elbow Lake, which I visited yesterday, is a town. Well, I guess it's a town and a lake. This photo is from the Army Corps of Engineers. The ranger here seems to be talking to the tots about water safety.

I got in a good 6.5 mile run this morning. That was a little longer than I had planned, partly because I just didn't plan well, and partly because I had a detour. As I was on my way home, I ran into a bunch of people moving a house. So I couldn't run through, and I ended up going about a half a mile out of my way. Which was good. Good exercise.