Sunday, July 03, 2011

Day 1388 -- Urbana

No, I haven't stepped into a black hole and popped up in Illinois, or even Iowa. I'm in Urbana, Maryland. The Buyer's Best Realtors, LLC says that "Urbana, Maryland, today is a real estate boomtown." So there.

It wasn't quite so warm and humid this morning. It wasn't cool, but it was better than it has been. The first half of my run went pretty well. I was going to say "The miles flew by," but that would be an exaggeration. Let's say that the miles went by at the rate of about one mile per mile. In the back half of the run, they slowed down a little. It took me two miles to run a mile. Then three. Then four. I'm pretty sure that the last mile was as long as the first 11.5 altogether. The last 100 yards was actually infinite.