Thursday, July 14, 2011

Days 1395 and 1396 -- Clear Spring

From Clear Spring's official web site, we learn the following:
Just 12 miles west of Hagerstown sits the quaint town of Clear Spring, Maryland. Founded by Martin Myers in 1821, the town was originally named Myersville and was later changed to Clear Springs to reflect the natural spring that initially attracted its founder to the area. Impressed by the natural beauty of the countryside and this nearby spring of sparkling water, Myers envisioned a town which could grow and prosper. After all, the historic National Pike (U.S. Highway 40) ran through the center of town, linking the port of Baltimore to the western frontier of Ohio, and it’s this very road that eventually brought business and prosperity to Clear Spring.
Yesterday and today, we had beautiful running weather here in Wisconsin. Cool and dry. I've had two really good runs, 4.5 miles yesterday, and my Thursday 5K today. The 5K wasn't as fast as my July 4 race, but otherwise it was the fastest of the year.