Monday, July 04, 2011

Day 1389 -- Buckeystown

Being from Wisconsin, I couldn't resist a little detour to Buckeystown. Unfortunately, it looks like they had a bid of water back in 2005.

Today is the fifth anniversary of my first every road race, a July 4 5K right here in town. To celebrate, I ran it again. I'm a bit slower than I was then, but overall I had a good day. In fact, considering I ran 12.6 miles yesterday (not really considered the appropriate way to prepare for a Personal Record 5K), I had a great day. It was my fastest 5K of the year, faster than all of my Thursday 5Ks.

I did get "strollered", that is, beaten by a woman pushing a stroller. A double stroller. But I didn't mind, because she had extra motivation. One of the kids repeated, "Go, Mommy! Go, Mommy! Go, Mommy!" for the whole three miles. It was so much fun! I think Mommy and the other kid got a little tired of it, but I didn't.