Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Day 269 -- Gladstone

Gladstone, Missouri, is home to the Kansas City Area's only free Theater in the Park. Sorry that this isn't the best image. The theater website didn't seem to have any images at all. Sometimes I'll pass if I can't find a good image, but I hate to miss Theater in the Park. Particularly if it's free. This year, they'll be doing Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast. But alas, not until summer. I don't suppose the park is particularly warm long about now.

I didn't run this morning. We had a rough night. The littlest Little Jogger was already sick with flu on Monday, and he was up in the night with emergency trips to the bathroom. The medium Little Jogger had leg cramps, and in the morning he decided that he was sick to his stomach, so he also stayed home from school today. The first Little Jogger had stomach cramps in the night, but was well enough by morning to go to school. She hates to miss school. The oldest and newest Little Jogger wasn't sick, but she was up in the night complaining that we were making too much noise.

So anyway, nobody slept well, particularly not Mrs. J, who was up through all of this tempest. I was up once or twice, and when my alarm went off, I got up to take over the herding of the kids, while Mrs. J copped a nap. So I didn't run this morning. But, since school hasn't started yet, I was free to go to the gym at 3:00 in the afternoon. I asked Mrs. J if she needed me to stay home -- the boys were home all day, and had about burned off their illness, and the girls were due home, soon -- but she pushed me out the door. She says I'm cranky if I miss a run. She should talk. She was cranky all day, just because she only slept a couple of hours all night.

Anyway, I got a gentle four miles, and I hope I can go back in the morning and run some more.