Saturday, May 05, 2007

Day 348 -- More Ogallala

I'm not the biggest fan of Wikipedia -- the other day, Scott Adams suggested that it was a good source to find out what strangers with no credibility think about a topic -- but the Wikipedia article on Ogallala, Nebraska is accompanied by a nice tourist shot. As often happens, I had to guess a little on the scale.

I took the oldest and newest Little Jogger on my run this morning. She's been pestering me to go, but I've resisted, because I don't really want to slow down that much. But this morning, I got smart and we went over to the high school track. I ran five miles, and she ran a lap at a time, walking in between. I think she probably ran five or six laps, and walked another dozen or so. So she got her exercise, I got mine, and we did something together, all of which was good. We'll do it again some time.