Saturday, May 26, 2007

Happy (belated) Birthday, Little Jogger!

I got so caught up in things yesterday, I forgot to blog the birthday of the littlest Little Jogger. For the past six years, our anniversary on May 24 has been upstaged by his birthday on May 25. This year wasn't really an exception. Grandma Jogger and her housemate did come up yesterday in time to take Mrs. Jogger and I out for lunch, where we talked about old times. But once the kids got home from school, it was all about the littlest Little Jogger.

He does like to be the center of attention, even more than most six year olds. He loves to sing and dance and tell long stories. He has a fantastic memory, so you have to be really, really careful what you say around him, because he's liable to repeat it.

Overall, he's a pretty good kid, and we're lucky that we have him.