Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Day 666 -- If only I were near Devil's Lake....

Via WestCoastRoads.com, a section of U.S. 199 through Smith River National Recreation Area. You'd think I'd be able to get better pictures of a National Recreation Area, but I didn't find anything good today. I'll be in SRNRA for another few days, so maybe I'll be able to find something.

I didn't get my bike ride in yesterday. It was rumbling thunder when I woke up, so my friend and I decided not to risk it. It turned out that the storm never actually hit, but what could we do? In any case, that meant that the Little Joggers and I got an early start on the road down to Grandma Jogger's house, where we will stay for a week or so. I could have borrowed a bike from Grandma, and ridden yesterday afternoon, but it was beastly hot, so I didn't.

I did run this morning. It was still pretty hot and very humid, but at least it was early morning, instead of mid-afternoon. There were more rumbles of thunder, so I stayed close to Grandma's neighborhood, so that I could quit if it got closer, but it didn't.