Saturday, August 30, 2008

Day 684 -- Jogger's Progress

Time26 days, 15 hrs, 6 min
8 days, 1 hrs, 31 mins

Monday, I am running a half marathon in the Dubuque Benefit Classic. So tomorrow is a rare Sunday off for me. Which means that it is time to check Jogger's Progress.

I had previously broken 170 miles in a month three times, but never 180. So this was my longest month ever. I might actually come close to that again in September.

For the fifth month in a row, I ran exactly 21 days. I'm scheduled for 21 in September, too, but the streak will probably end in October.

I also note that some time this month, I passed 4000 miles for the journey, without noting it.

Today's run was a very easy 4.8 miles. It was a beautiful morning for it, cool and dry. I hope that it's this nice on Monday.