Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Day 677 -- Canyonville

Canyonville, Oregon, home of the Canyonville Christian Academy.
Founded in 1924, the school is fully accredited with the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools and a member of ACSI. CCA has won national and state academic awards. Its prestigious symposiums have been aired by C-SPAN's national television network. It has 13 buildings on a wooded campus divided by a beautiful stream in the mountains of southern Oregon. CCA is an evangelical Christian school which welcomes students from every denomination.

I ran 10 miles at race pace today. It went surprisingly well. I wasn't as sore to start out as I was yesterday. Yes, I did start to flag in the last two or three miles. But I managed to keep my overall pace pretty even. The two laps were within 35 seconds of each other on total time. And I'm not as sore now as I was yesterday afternoon. So I'm feeling pretty good. I now have an easy day and a rest day, heading in to a nice long weekend.


Non-Runner Nancy said...

Damn you for the cold. :D

This is quite the concept. You win in the virtual racing world hands down. Very nice, and I'm guessing quite the extended geography lesson.

I need to learn that photoshopping technique.