Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Days 671 and 672 -- Selma

Southern Oregon University has recently opened the Deer Creek Center for Field Research and Education in the Illinois Valley near Selma, Oregon.
Situated at the gateway to the Wild and Scenic Illinois River, this 850-acre site showcases an unusual diversity of learning environments: at-risk plant communities, serpentine geology, fire-affected forest and miles of frontage on salmon-bearing streams.
The main campus of SOU seems to be in Ashland, about an hour to the east of Selma. I'm not going that way, so this is my best chance to visit.

Since I didn't get a post in yesterday, I'll give you a bonus today. This is Kristy Lee Cook, a sometime American Idol contestant, who comes from Selma. I'd never heard of her either -- I'm not an Idol watcher -- but when I Googled "Selma, Oregon" she came up big. Of the first 25 images, at least 8 were Kristy, including, of course, one from the Official Kristy Lee Cook Site.

No particular reason why I didn't post yesterday. I just never got around to it. I went down to the office and tossed myself at the stuff I'm working on for the fall semester. I'm excited about my classes, but I'm worried that I'm biting off more than I can chew. I have plans for all three of my classes that are going to involve some intense grading. It could be a long semester.

I ran five miles easy yesterday, and then nine miles at pace today. I felt really good today. My overall pace was 9:36, and it was just about the same for the first loop as for the second. I felt strong, and I think I could have run longer, if I wanted.