Thursday, August 28, 2008

Day 682 -- Yoncalla

Well, I'm not quite to Yoncalla, yet, but I'm on a stretch of road where there ain't much, so I'm going to have to improvise a bit. Expect two or three days of Yoncalla. The first day, we'll visit the Charles Applegate House, at the end of Old Applegate Road, on the left. I found this house at the web site for Kat and OB's Wedding. It is the home of Kat's parents, and it is where the wedding will take place. Or did take place. The web site doesn't seem to say when the actual date of the wedding is (or was), but I suppose that if you aren't a friend of Kat or OB, you probably aren't going, anyway. It does have registration information, in case you want to buy them a gift.

As predicted, I felt good this morning. There was a steady but not heavy rain. Mostly, it just kept me cool on a seven and a half mile pace run. I'm not strong enough that seven and a half miles is nothing, but I finished strong and recovered fairly quickly, so that's good.


Joe said...

I gotta say, I always your photos.

Anonymous said...

Great to read about you again! I lost track when you were somewhere back in Nebraska, so I have a lot of past adventures to scan.
I have missed you.
-Karen in Florida