Saturday, August 23, 2008

Day 679 -- Myrtle Creek

I believe that right now I'm somewhere on the I-5 part of this loop, somewhere between exits 103 and 108. In any case, I've got a picture, thanks to And, as an added bonus, a postcard of Myrtle Creek in the 50's, thanks to this site, whose origin and purpose I cannot divine.

I got to run in the rain this morning. I haven't done that much this summer. Earlier in the summer, we had a lot of rain, but it usually came with storms. I won't run in a lightning storm, on the theory that I conduct electricity, a theory that I have no desire to test experimentally. Then July and August have been pretty dry. But in the last few days, we've gotten some spells of steady, drizzly rain, including one that lasted my first few miles today.

I was afraid that the rain would slow down my pace run, so, of course, I went out way too fast. I ran the first four miles in 36 minutes, a pace that I can't possibly sustain. In fact, by the time I got to 6 miles, I had adjusted my goal from 10 minute miles to just somehow finishing the planned 10 miles. I did. My overall pace was 10:10, but that means the last few miles were dead slow. It wasn't pretty, but any run is better than no run at all. Now I have to work on recovering physically and mentally, so I'm ready for another long run tomorrow.