Friday, August 08, 2008

Day 668 -- Welcome to Oregon

Oregon at last. I've been in California since early April, a little over three months. Of course, I didn't run straight across it. I ran the width for a month, then turned and ran half the length.

Sometimes, I've been able to find the correct "Welcome to..." sign for the highway that I am on, but not today. This sign is actually clean across the state, coming south from Washington. I found it at

I slightly rearranged the schedule these last two days. We got up early yesterday to drive to the Iowa State Fair. It was a nice day, but approximately everyone in Iowa was there, too, so it was pretty crowded. Anyway, I took my day off yesterday, and ran an easy 4 (more like 4.5) today. The weather is cooler and dryer, so it was a nice day for an easy run.