Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Day 676 -- Azalea

The site Thompsonian*NET seems to be a general blog and travelogue by some people named "The Thompsons," but a cursory inspection didn't turn up an "about us" page. It's probably there, somewhere. In any case, one of the Thompsons wrote in 2003 about a visit to Azalea, where he had lived as a youth. I, personally, couldn't resist a stop at the Heaven on Earth Restaurant, and I figured why not a quick stop in front of the church.

I got up early yesterday and did my "Beyond the Basics" yoga workout, then went for a 10 mile ride with my friend Rob. That was quite an adventure. Needless to say, I was sore all yesterday. In the evening, they had a thing at the pool for Boy and Girl Scouts and their families. I went along and just plopped my aching legs into the pool for an hour or so. It felt great.

This morning, I went on an easy five mile run. Easy was all that I was up to. But it felt OK, really. I started out stiff, but I loosened up after, oh, four and a half miles or so. It was moderately warm and very humid, so I worked up a sweat. Tomorrow will be fun. But tomorrow is another day, and I'll worry about it then.