Saturday, May 23, 2009

Day 867 -- South Big Horn County Airport

As I slowly approach Greybull, I'm passing the South Big Horn County Airport. There, in 2001, user Stephen Boreham took this photo of a Lockheed C130-A Hercules. Apparently, this particular plane crashed in 2002 while fighting a fire, with three crew on board.

I ran 12 miles today! I felt good about it. My tendon is a bit sore, but it held up OK. In the middle of the second four mile loop, I thought maybe it was going to give up, and I would have to cut my run short. But I didn't. Now I'm going to go back to taking it easy. I hope that by my next long run, next weekend, I will be good to go.

The medium Little Jogger is slowly getting better. He's still in a lot of pain, I'm afraid. We've heard that the third day is the worst. We've also heard that the fifth day is the worst. We'll see.