Sunday, May 03, 2009

Day 856 -- Wapiti

According to B&B On-line, Horseman's Paradise Bed and Breakfast, in Wapiti, "has been featured not once, but twice, in Horse & Rider magazine." Can't beat that. I guess you can stay there even if you don't have a horse.

Friday, I was so sick, I not only took the day off from running, but also from work. The second-to-last week of classes is not usually the best time to do that, but there it is. I got a colleague to cover the Math for Educators class, and I just canceled the Stats class. Friday was going to be the last day of new material, and we were going to have three days of review this next week. So now I'll finish up the new material on Monday, and we'll have two days of review.

Saturday, I felt much better, but I still slept in, and never found time later to run. So I got another day off. The last time I took two days off in a row was January 18 and 19. But I needed it, and I feel better today. I still had kind of a tough run, because I don't yet have all my wind.

Today was the official first training run for the Fox Cities Marathon. I have a more casual training plan this summer. Rather than planning out every day, all I have planned is my long runs. I have a gradually increasing schedule of long runs through the whole summer. But during the week, I'll just run as I'm able to. We'll see how that goes. Today's run was only 10 miles, and I'm actually grateful for that. I couldn't have done much more.