Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Days 858 and 859 -- Cody

Here's an article from the web page of the Moto Guzzi National Owners Club. A Moto Guzzi appears to be a motorcycle. I have no interest in the article, really, but they do have a nice picture of "historic Cody, Wyoming". I'm a few miles short of Cody, so that will do.

I did run yesterday, an easy five, and then again today, a harder 7.5. Both days felt good, although I was really stretching it this morning. I will either take it very easy tomorrow, or take it off entirely.

My cold has eased up, but not quite gone away. The medium Little Jogger, meanwhile, has come down with some horrible thing that is affecting his glands and giving him a sore throat. They are running tests for strep and mono, and meanwhile have given him a cocktail of medicines that would make House, M.D., blush. The poor little thing. I hope that he will be better, soon. For all our sakes.


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