Monday, May 25, 2009

Day 868 -- Greybull

Here I am in front of the former Masonic Temple in Greybull, Wyoming. If you are interested, this building is for sale for $36,900, which seems like a bargain, to me. It has "Numerous commercial opportunities."

I ran almost six miles today, at a decent pace. Saturday's run was dead slow. Today, I managed to run under 10 minute miles, which felt pretty good. I've iced my ankle. Now to see if it will hold up to another run tomorrow.

Mrs. Jogger and the Little Jogger had another rough night. Right now, they are dozing in the living room. I sure hope that he starts to feel better, for all out sakes.

And Happy Birthday to the littlest Little Jogger, who turns eight today. He is definitely wise beyond his years.