Sunday, January 02, 2011

Day 1267 -- Twin Mountain

The map shows Twin Mountain and Caroll as separate towns, a couple of miles apart. This sign seems to indicate that Twin Mountain is part of the town of Carroll.

While you're in Twin Mountain, be sure to stop at Carroll Motel and Cottages, seen here in its winter glory. They are highly recommended by the Twin Mountain Snowmobile Club, who should know.

Today was the first run of 2011. Although it was Sunday, I didn't go for a long run. I'm still coming back from my long layoff. I got in about five and a half miles in 60 minutes, which was OK. And tomorrow, I start officially training for the Pikermi in Eau Claire. Of course, when I'm in training, Monday is an off day, so it will be kind of a slow start. But I'm looking forward to working my way back into shape.


Anonymous said...

Like the new banner! Glad to see that handsome runner in several places. What states are you running in these days? Don't know if you are going north or south from New York state.