Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 1285 -- Jogger's Progress

Time55 days, 22 hrs, 59 min

with a scheduled day off, it is time to check on Jogger's Progress. I managed to get in the most days and the most miles since September. Still not a great month, but at least I'm going back up. And, having added Maine to the list, I have now visited half the states. When you consider that I won't run to Hawaii, I'm over half.

An eight mile "long run" this morning was not bad. While on the dreadmill, I watched the NFL Network, which was doing half-hour specials on all the Superbowls. They must have started last night, because this morning, they were up to SB XXXI, which the Packers won! So I got to relive that, which was great. Alas, directly following that was SB XXXII, which the Packers lost. I found myself rooting for them to win this time, but somehow, they didn't.


Anonymous said...

8000 miles! Wow!
Grandma Jogger