Friday, August 18, 2006

Is that Obsession you're wearing....?

I tend to get obsessed with things, but only for a while. Take the whole crossword thing. A month or six weeks ago, I was so caught up in writing crosswords that I could barely walk away from it. If I had free time, I'd sit down and work on one. Now, I'm over it. I haven't worked on writing a crossword in a couple of weeks. I'm not even terribly interested in selling the ones that I have. All but one have been rejected, and if that one comes back rejected, I might just quit even submitting them.

I've also cut back on solving crosswords. I still have a few books around, and I'll work on them if I have a little time, but it's not like it was, where I'd start one puzzle after another after another.

I just get that way. I've had obsessions with photography, Rubik's cubes, different computer games...all sorts of different stuff. So now the question is: Will my current obsession with running a marathon last long enough for me to actually run one?