Thursday, July 02, 2009

Day 899 -- Devils Tower

According to, this is the exit I should take for Devils Tower National Monument. The tower itself is a piece down the road, so this is as good an excuse to pose in front of it as anything. I didn't want to miss it, having seen Close Encounters of the Third Kind all those years ago. (The International Movie Database says it was released in 1977. Can that be right? 32 years ago?) As you can see, this photo of Devils Tower is from National Geographic. Oh, and the name of the monument seems to be spelled without an apostrophe. Apparently, those are plural devils, not a single devil that owns the tower.

I didn't feel much like running this morning, but once I got going I was OK. I ran 9 miles, in three 3 mile loops. It seem less when you run 3 mile loops than if you run only one or two bigger loops. I kept up a good pace, and I was pleased with my run. If it never warms up again, this could be a good summer.