Saturday, July 18, 2009

Day 912 -- Race Report: Get the Lead Out

I have been running for over ten years, but I've only been racing for a little over three. My first official race was July 4, 2006. In those three years, I've run 17 official races, and the only one that I've ever repeated* is the local Get The Lead Out run. Today was the fourth GTLO, and the I have run all four.

Sandwiched as it was between a hard, semi-long run yesterday and a planned 18 miles tomorrow, I never intended for this to be a fast race. I might have skipped it if it weren't for keeping the streak alive. As it was, it was my worst time in the four years, and that's OK. The weather was absolutely gorgeous. It was even cool enough for me to wear my polka-dot tights, which garnered a lot of comments. You'd think that nobody had ever seen polka-dot tights before.

* I have run the Dubuque Benefit Classic twice, but at two different distances: 5K in 2006, and 13.1 miles in 2009.