Saturday, July 04, 2009

Day 901 -- Keyhole State Park

If you go north of Interstate 90, instead of south, you'll find Keyhole State Park. (If you stay on I-90, you'll find a whole lot of nothin'.) According the Wyoming Department of Tourism, the park "offers excellent fishing for walleye, catfish, small mouth bass and northern pike." So pack up that rod and reel and come visit.

When I hit the door this morning, I was surprised to find a steady rain. I briefly thought about rescheduling my run, but I didn't. It was only rain, no lightning, so the major effect that it had was to keep me cool. I had a nice long run -- 15 miles, as scheduled. I won't say that it was easy, but I did finish it, and I've been feeling OK.

The rain continued through the Independence Day parade that I took the Little Joggers to this morning. We found a spot under a tree, so we didn't get too wet. However, we were set back from the street, and a couple of families sat on the curb ahead of us, so we didn't get much candy. Oh, well. The girls are definitely too old, and the medium Little Jogger should be. In any case, it was a nice parade. We hadn't been to this particular parade before, so we didn't know what to expect.



2 comments. I am reminded of a trip I took in Kansas several years ago. We were given a brochure about this wonderful dam and lake. So we decided to go. when we got there we found a nice low earth dam. and no lake . The campgrounds and resort etc. were abandoned. Disapointment.

That said we went with my sisters family to Nashville's top rated fireworks show tonight and about drown. the show went on but it poured rain through it all and we just watched anyway.