Monday, July 20, 2009

Day 913 -- Rapid City

According to, Rapid City, South Dakota, is the City of Presidents. Or a City of Presidents, anyway. I happen to know that Cuba City, Wisconsin, is also a City of Presidents. They have a float in just about every parade in this part of the world. However, they do not have a bronze statue of Ronald Reagan, so Rapid City beats them, there. I knew that I couldn't resist posing with St. Ronnie, seeing as how he single-handedly won the Cold War, saved the American economy, defeated the scourge of communism, and cured the common cold. Or something like that. I get a little confused on my 80s history. When I was living it, it didn't seem to be quite the same as people remember it today.

I tore right through Rapid City today, with an 18 mile run. After a day off, it felt really good. The weather helped. It was another beautiful day for running. Cool and dry. If I could bottle this weather, and release it in Appleton on September 20, I surely would. With my luck, it will be 90 degrees and 100% humidity.