Thursday, July 23, 2009

Days 915 and 916 -- Wicksville

This is apparently the road down which you would go if you wished to Titan Missile Silo 850-A, 3 miles northwest of Wicksville. I thought about placing myself behind the fence, but I don't have security clearance, and I was afraid I might get shot. This photo is from a very complete, but very confusing web page on Titan missiles. If only I had time to wade through it, I believe I could find out more than I ever wanted to know about Titan missiles. Perhaps I could find out how to get security clearance.

I did run yesterday, a nice 6 miles. I just never got around to blogging it. I ran again today, a swift 9 miles. It felt good, but it wore me out a little bit. I need to take it easy the next couple of days. I have another long run scheduled for Sunday.