Sunday, April 04, 2010

Day 1104 -- Happy Easter

I got up early this morning and ran 21.3 miles. Quite the way to greet Easter morning. It was a good run. Like last week, it wasn't terribly fast, but like last week, I managed to keep running. No unscheduled walk breaks.

I'm happy with my progress at this point. I have not actually run a spring marathon before. The last time I signed up for one, the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon in 2008, I never made a 20 miler. At about 18, I decided that the training was too much to keep up during the semester, so I cut back and run the half. This year, I made my twenty. I have two more 20 milers on the schedule. I expect to run them, but even so, I think I proved today that I can make it.