Sunday, April 18, 2010

Days 1112, 1113, and 1114 -- Pardon the Interruption

I ran Thursday morning. It was an easy run, overall, with six 100-meter hill sprints thrown in the middle. But Thursday evening I had computer trouble, and didn't get a chance to post.

I ran Friday morning. It was about 6.5 miles, at a moderate pace. But then I jumped in a car with my friends and headed up to Oshkosh for our spring statewide professional meeting. I'd write about it, but you know, what happens in Oshkosh stays in Oshkosh. Anyway, I got a chance to check my e-mail, but not to post on my blog.

I did not run Saturday morning in Oshkosh. We got back in the late afternoon, and I could have posted yesterday, but I didn't.

And this morning, I ran 23.6 miles. As I have been doing, it was not fast, but I did tough it out and run the whole distance, with just a few walk breaks, roughly every three miles. I'm sore now, but happy. One more long run before the marathon.

So, between one thing and another, I've put 35 miles between me and Gulliver. I'm all the way to Naubinway, and a bit past. To make up for my lack of posting, I have included two Naubinway photos.

This first photo is Anchor In Naubinway, a cafe and deli. Naubinway may be in the middle of nowhere, but by golly, you can get a cappuccino and wi-fi at the Anchor In Naubinway.

On the other hand, Naubinway is quiet enough that the moose roam the streets, and sometimes even have their babies in somebody's front yard.