Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 1117 -- Brevort

Well, I don't see how I could resist this one. In searching for photos from Brevort, Michigan, I stumbled across the Outhouses of America Tour. Now that's a hobby for you. Here you find the women's outhouse from the rest area near the Cut River Bridge. Hey, I was just on the Cut River Bridge yesterday. Somebody had it listed as near Epoufette, and these guys had it listed as near Brevort.

Oh, in case you're wondering, the Outhouses of America Tour does have an on-line store. So step right up and buy a CD, a DVC, an outhouse TP dispenser, or even just some rock art.

I felt terrific this morning after some interval work at the track, but then I was sore all day. I'm seriously thinking about taking an unscheduled day off tomorrow. I could use the rest. And the last thing I want to do five weeks from the marathon is to injure myself trying too hard.


John Romeo Alpha said...

On the bright side, I guess you always know when the next bathroom stop is.