Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day 1175 -- Plympton-Wyoming

Plympton-Wyoming, Ontario, just sounds like a snooty place. I guess it's the hyphen. Although the Wyoming part isn't that impressive. "Plympton-Worchester" would be better. In any case, this is the P-W municipal building, in case you want to stop in to argue it with them.

The good news is that I ran twelve miles today -- my longest run since the injury -- and the old abductor didn't give me a twinge at all. I hereby declare myself over it. I do have a physical therapy appointment tomorrow. I think that I'll go ahead and go, on the assumption that they can give me advice about how to keep it from happening again, and what to do if it does.

The bad news is that I came up somewhat short of my daily goal. I had planned to do 15, and I just couldn't make it. Mostly it was the heat, but also partly lack of sleep. Nothing I can do about it, now. Tomorrow is a scheduled rest day, and then Tuesday I'll go out and hit the road again. The heat and humidity has got to break sometime, although there's no sign of it in the forecast.