Sunday, July 11, 2010

Days 1169 and 1170 -- Pardon the Interruption

Sorry for not posting for a full week. I haven't really been too busy to post, but there hasn't been much news.

I did take three full days off -- Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I iced my injury several times, as well. I ran on Thursday, but it was still pretty sore, which is frustrating. I took two more days off, and then ran again this morning. It was a little better, but still far from 100%. I've got an appointment to see the doctor tomorrow to get advice on how to deal with it. I really need to get this cleared up so I can start getting in the miles. I was scheduled for 18 today, and I ran six.

What else has been going on? I took the kids on a whirlwind tour of the midwest. On Monday, we drove down to Grandma Jogger's house. On Wednesday, we drove out to Omaha to see the Henry Doorly Zoo. We used to go there all the time when we lived out in Nebraska, but haven't been back in five years. They just keep improving it. It was better than ever. The kids had a good time. We drove back to Grandma's house on Friday, and back home on Saturday. I'm tired, and the fact that I didn't get any running in didn't help my patience. But we're home now, and ready for another week.

Above, you can see me running at a tractor pull. The event is the St. Clair County Fair, which is in Goodells, but the tractor is driven by George Moran of Richmond. Richmond is just north of where I am on I-94.

Just south of where I am is Casco. Below you will find Mount Christi Capri, a 2007 filly out of Mount Christie Crown Jewel, by Big Sky Taliesin. She lives with Rochelle and Darrel in Casco. I imagine she's a bit bigger by now.