Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 1179 -- Ailsa Craig

At first, I thought I'd stumbled on another one of those consolidated towns, where the town of Ailsa had merged with the town of Craig. But it turns out that Ailsa Craig is named after an island in the Firth of Clyde, off the west coast of Scotland. According to this Wikipedia article, the locals call it "AC", or just "Craig".

In honor of Mrs. Jogger, I thought I would visit the Cotton by Post Quilt Shoppe in AC, but alas, they have closed and moved to their London, ON, location.

I didn't run yesterday. I seem to be low on motivation. Partly it's the weather. Heat and humidity makes every run harder. Partly it's coming off the injury. I'm actually feeling fine, but I lost some conditioning while I took it easy. Partly it's disappointment with my performance in Madison. I worked hard for that marathon, and I was confident that I was prepared, but I fizzled out. So it's hard to motivate myself to work even harder.

Having said that, I did turn in a good run today. I ran over 16 miles, and felt stronger than last week. I did take a couple extra walk breaks in the last three miles, but neither of them went on too long, and I finished the distance I had set out to do.