Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day 1174 -- Race Report: GTLOV

Today was the fifth "Get the Lead Out" run here in my little town. Having run the first four, I couldn't miss this one. It was a scorcher, though. I think by the time we were done, it was well over eighty by the time we were done.

The race was OK. There was a new route, because of construction downtown. The nice thing is that the new start line was much closer to home for me. It was an easy walk over, with a little jogging to warm up. The bad news is that the new course had one really nasty hill, with a steep start followed by a long, steady climb. It's a double four kilometer loop, and you hit that hill after about 2.5 K and again at 6.5 K. That second climb, in the heat, was quite a ride.

At 47:07, this was my slowest GTLO, which was OK. I've been slowing down lately anyway, and with the heat, I couldn't expect any world records.

I think the crowd was a little thinner than previous years, I think. I'm not sure whether it was the heat, or the new location, or some combination of both. I was again sixth in my age group. Out of six. I should have entered as "over 50". Only one man was in that age group, so I could have had a silver medal. OK, so it would have been fraud.

On the virtual road, I'm near Brights Grove, ON. This photo of Shopper's Drug Mart is from Doug Chartrand Realty, who holds it out as an example of good shopping if you move to Brights Grove.