Saturday, September 15, 2007

Days 445 and 446 -- Dinosaur National Monument

I'm now running south of Dinosaur National Monument. It's a huge park (210,000 acres and some 40 miles long), so I'll be running past it for a while, now. Here I am in the Dinosaur Quarry Visitor Center, which I couldn't actually see if I were there. It is "is closed indefinitely due to significant life, health, and safety issues." I wonder what that means.

I have been there in real life, but not for 30 years. My grandmother and grandfather took my cousin and I there in the 70's when we were about 10. It was a great thing for kids that age. Gram and Gramps took the two of us on several summer trips about that time, which I will always remember.

I overslept yesterday morning, because I failed to set my alarm correctly, so I ran a quick three. Then I slept in this morning, because I was up late, but I managed to get in four and half miles right before lunch. Today was the best run I've had in a week. I'm finally getting back to normal, I think.