Friday, October 26, 2007

Day 474 -- The Edge

Before leaving the Fruitland area, I thought that I should visit The Edge. According to the web site,
The Edge Retreat is the ideal setting for your workshops, wedding, family reunions or business retreats. Perched atop a cliff overlooking the Strawberry River, The Edge is known as Utah's most magical retreat.

It is absolutely lovely here. And they must attract people. I got a link to them from Salt Lake City, which is a good 70 miles away.

Today was a weird day. I decided last night that since it was cold, and since I have a little sniffle that I got from the Little Joggers, I would run inside. But when I went out, it was actually pretty warm. But I was already on my way to the gym, and I can't change my mind that fast. So, when I got to the gym, I ran 4.3 miles on the outdoor track. This kind of defeats the purpose. It's just as boring as running on the indoor track, but colder. But, that's what I did. So there.