Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Days 467 and 468 -- Duchesne Library

While I am in the vicinity of Duchesne (and with nothing else in particular around), I decided to visit the Duchesne library. According to their website, "The Duchesne County Library is the perfect place for research, studying, and is a great place to spend time with your children." Why do those two things seem to be mutually incompatible?

I didn't post at all, yesterday, because I never turned on my computer in the evening. I just had time to get home, and Mrs. Jogger and I turned around and went out for a meeting of people from our church. A lot of us are a little disgruntled with the state of the church, and we had a meeting to vent and to plan what we can do. We got home around 8, threw the Little Joggers into bed, and continued to vent and to plan.

Today is another busy day. We're going out to see a production of Charlotte's Web, The Musical, starring the First Little Jogger. Well, featuring the First Little Jogger. Special Guest Star. She's the third townsperson from the right, or something like that.