Friday, February 06, 2009

Day 787 -- Sandpoint

OK, I'm nowhere near Sandpoint, which is way further up the panhandle. But I didn't want to leave Idaho* without giving a shout out to my favorite outdoor humor writer, Patrick F. McManus. If you haven't read McManus, pick up one of his collections of columns from Outdoor Life magazine. I think it's good stuff.

As it happens, the guy who turned me on to McManus is also the guy who got me started running seriously. So I owe him (at least) two things.

I ran 5.3 miles at the gym today, at noon. That was the highlight of my day. Other than that, it basically sucked. Oh, well, tomorrow is another day, and only a major pile of grading stands between me and a relaxing weekend.

*I am going to leave Idaho some day. Right? Right?


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