Monday, February 09, 2009

Day 789 -- Montana

Near the end of Saturday's run, or some time today, I ran into Montana. That's already my second new state of 2009. However, the next new state will be a long time coming. I'm headed down to Yellowstone, but Wyoming isn't a new state; I ran through the southeast corner of Wyoming on my way west. So the next new state is one of the Dakotas, which are clear across Montana. And I'm not running directly, either.

Note that I am still in Clearwater National Forest. The damn thing is huge!

I went back to the gym this morning. It was right near freezing this morning, which meant icy patches for certain. So it was back to circles around the indoor track. That's OK. I was a little sore after my long run Saturday, but a day off really helped.


Anonymous said...

he who runs in circles shall be known as a Wheel.
Love ya
Uncle Not A. Jogger