Monday, February 23, 2009

Day 800

Eight hundred is a nice round number. Lots of zeros in it. Sorry, not a lot of good images to use. This one comes from a Oxford University Press on-line picture dictionary. Lesson six, road safety and numbers 100 to 1000. There is also an interesting image on World of Stock, Stock Photos and Prints, but seeing as they are charging $50 for rights to it, I didn't quite feel right just ripping it off. I know, they are talking about people using it for commercial purposes, which I'm not, but still...

I did get to the gym this morning, and got in a good run. For no reason at all, I ran 45 laps, instead of my usual 40. Six miles, instead of 5.3. I suppose I was doing penance for having a light weekend. My pace was good, but not outstanding.


kelsey said...

great job on the podcast posted today! :D

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